Spring Break Vacation

Super excited to be visiting my daughter at college.  She goes to school at the University of Central Missouri, which is only 45 minutes from Kansas City! She has lived there for 3 years now, and between classes, work on the school farm and her job, she doesn't get to visit all the cool attractions. Guess what that means, Mom to the rescue! A week away from classes and work and we are going to the Zoo, Aquarium and the Farmers Market!

The real fun is Saturday night!  My daughter, Brittany (who is shy--don't ask me how that happened with me as her momma) turns 21 and doesn't want a party or anything, sooooo guess who planned a surprise party at the PBR Bar with a bunch of her friends.. that's right, ME, awesome Mom!  She also hates to be the center of attention, so I purchased a Birthday Bitch Sash and tiara for her to wear!  She is gonna love me so much!

To make up for how much she is not gonna love me for doing this, I am doing some meal prep for her after Spring Break is over, one of the recipes is my Chicken Broccoli Casserole.

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