Spring Break is over, back to reality

ugghh.. It's Monday, again. My daughter went back to school, and I had to come back to work today. Anyone else out there need another week to get ready for reality?!?!

We did have an amazing trip to Missouri and a great party for my daughter's 21st birthday! Totally surprised her with all her friends that were able to go! We went to several antique malls and craft fairs in Sedalia on Saturday Morning and found some awesome deals. Then we got all prettified to go out, which actually did not take as long as I thought it would for a bunch of women!

We drove to Kansas City and found Martin City Brewery in a suburb on the Kansas side. They serviced some awesome craft and IPA beers and some amazing mixed drinks.  But the food... now that was too die for! Seriously guys, best pizzas ever. Perfect crust and they had 5 sauces to choose from. Best pizza sauce ever, so I am going to try to replicate it this summer when my tomatoes are ready!

Then we drove back to the Missouri side of KC to a suburb called Grain Valley MO to a pretty fabulous country bar called Whiskey Tango.  The dance floor, as big as my house, I swear!  They had four bars inside, Cornhole Games(bags for those of you that don't call it the right name) Beer Pong tables and Flippy Cup tables.  I will say MO folk don't line dance the IL way, I was out on the dance floor doing the "Tush Push", got to the end and turned, and everyone else was still facing the other way.  i thought to myself, maybe I had a few too many drinks and forgot an 8-count, so I did it again.. guess what?!?! same thing, MO line dancers do the Tush Push wrong!  

Anyway.......reality has set in and the orders are coming in!  Don't forget to check out the freezer meals for crockpot and oven and help with those crazy busy schedules!!


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