Instant Pot Fears

It is no secret that I am on the Instant Pot (IP) train.  I got my first IP about 3 years ago and stared at if for about 4 months!  Yes, I know, the canning lady was scared of a little old Instant Pot.  I finally decided to try it to can some homemade caramel sauce… and guess what?!?!  Total success!!  I then moved onto meats that I could shred and make BBQ, cannot mess that up…. And guess what?!?!? Total success, again!

So three Instant Pots later, I consider myself a bit of a wiz.  I make full meals, steam veggies, incredible desserts and have created some pretty cool Facebook live videos explaining every step.  I also do a lot of freezer meal prep, which created the question, I wonder if I can figure out crockpot freezer meal cooking times for my Instant Pot?  After a little bit of trial and error, I feel confident sharing my cheat sheet with you! 

I will also be posting some fabulous recipes that I have personally tried, from easy to difficult for you!

Download PDF Here

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