Who is this crazy canning lady?

I'm a farmer's wife, a mom to a junior in college and I wear A LOT of hats!  I own Holly's Country Canning, Farm Family Tees Boutique and since that didn’t seem to be quite enough, I just started catering.  Oh yeah, and I also work a full time job in as an HR Manager (for the benefits).  Wowsa!  That sounds like a lot when I type it out!  So how did I get this busy, you ask? Well, when my daughter went out of state to school, I found out that I *might* be slightly annoying to my husband.  I was used to going shopping and spending time with my daughter.  Jason did not do well as a daughter stand in.  We found out the hard way (for him) that Jason does not like to shop.  But he LOVES to eat.  So, instead of shopping we spent all of our new time together taking an already large garden and turning it into a massive garden! And that is how canning a few things for our family and gifts turned into an awesome business I love – Holly’s County Canning!  


AND THEN.. I found my Grammy's recipe boxes, which led to custom baking, and recipes so amazing that people started asking me to cater their family events and functions and banquets.


AFTER THAT... came Facebook live videos, teaching people to use Instant Pots, sharing tips, tricks and recipes and helping busy families come to the table to eat again!


AND....Apparently I didn't think I was busy enough, still missing my daughter (and our shopping time), so I decided to create an online boutique that is currently growing into a small storefront (more news on that coming soon!)   


And NOW.... I don't sleep much, but I love my busy life and my husband is much happier being Chief Taste Tester instead of my shopping partner!

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